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Using a proxy server for ssh connection

When using ssh, you often have to use proxy server. For example, when you are at work you can directly connect to every sever (ex: server-i with i from 1 to n) on the local-network, but from home only few of those are connected to the Internet (ex: only server-1). Thus you need to first connect to one server accessible from the Internet (server-1) in order to secondly connect to another server of your work local-network which is not (server-i with i from 2 to n). In a typical ssh configuration file you will have two way to connect to server-2:

Using the sed command and you ssh configuration file you can easily configure your server such that happening for example .proxy to a server name will pipe the connection through the server proxy. To do just that edit out ~/.ssh/config file to add the following sections:

Host proxy
    ProxyCommand        none
    User                username
    ControlMaster       auto
    ControlPersist      yes
    ControlPath         ~/.ssh/master-%r@%h:%p

Host *.proxy
    ProxyCommand        ssh -aY proxy 'nc -w 900 `echo %h | sed s/\\.proxy$//` %p'
    ForwardAgent        yes
    TCPKeepAlive        yes
    ControlPersist      yes
    ServerAliveInterval 3600