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Kobo glow tunning

replace fnac logo by book cover when the screen is off

To replace the fnac logo by the current book cover when the screen is off (the expected behaviour), you first have to blug your Kobo on your computer. Then go in the folder .kobo in the root directory of your device (this is an hidden file on UNIX systems). Inside this directory edit the file affiliate.conf with your favorite note editor:

vim /mount_point/KOBOeReader/.kobo/affiliate.conf

and replace the following line:




Save the file and unplug the device. You will now have the current book cover displayed when the kobo screen is off !

night mode

Kobo night mode, is a blugin that turn the kobo display into negative mode with the text white and the background color black. The nessesary files are available as a git repository:

git clone

Plug your device and then copy the KoboRoot.tgz file in the folder .kobo in the root directory.

cp kobo-nightmode/installer/KoboRoot.tgz /mount_point/KOBOeReader/.kobo/

then edit the called nightmode.ini is located in your .kobo folder:

vim /mount_point/KOBOeReader/.kobo/nightmode.ini

and add the following text:

# config file for kobo-nightmode
invertActiveOnStartup = no      # yes / no
retainStateOverRestart = yes    # yes / no

longPressDurationMS = 800       # time in milliseconds to toggle

refreshScreenPages = 0          #force refresh every X pages (set to 0 to disable)

When you eject your device, it should reboot to install the night mode plugin contained in the KoboRoot.tgz file. To activate the night mode you simply have to press the light button for 800 milliseconds.

Note: some firmware update can remove this plugin, to reinstall it simply copy the KoboRoot.tgz file in the folder .kobo and unplug your device to reinstall it. To get the last version of this plugin reclone the git repository or execute the command git pull inside the kobo-nightmode folder.